Top Four Amazing Different Types of Bands in the world!

There are top four different types of bands and those are Orchestra, Symphonic or Concert, Marching and Jazz. Orchestra is where musicians come together and play different types of instruments like woodwind, brass, strings and percussion. Symphonic band is where a group of musicians play woodwind, brass and percussion. Marching band is where the bandmates march while playing their instruments. Jazz band is where bandmates play jazz music. So, if you want to know in detail about the four major different types of bands then keep on reading.

Top Four Amazing Different Types of Bands in the world!
Top Four Amazing Different Types of Bands in the world!


The orchestra has classical music with pop arrangements. The performance of Orchestra is done in a seating position where the conductor stands and conducts the quality of the music and give direction. The number of instruments that are played in each of the four sections of the orchestra is Strings, Woodwind, Percussion and Brass.

Top Four Amazing  Different  Types of Bands in the world
Top Four Amazing Different Types of Bands in the world

Concert/Symphonic Band:

Concert band are usually big and perform on stage in front of the audiences. Concert or Symphonic band has classical music with some touches of marches and popular music. A concert band includes three sections of musical instruments and those are Brass, Woodwind and percussion. Each of the instruments has its own types of instruments for eg. in Brass the instruments include Cornet, Trombone, French Horn, Tuba, Trumpet, Euphoniums and Baritone Horns.

Top Four Amazing  Different  Types of Bands in the world
Top Four Amazing Different Types of Bands in the world

Marching Band:

Marching bands are the type of bands that marches and play their instruments. These marching bands perform for a limited time at football games, parades and school or community functions and athletic events. The marching bands include marches, national anthem, school cheers and songs and popular works. This different type of band include instruments like flute, drums, sax, trombone, cornet, trumpet, euphonium and baritone.

Top Four Amazing  Different  Types of Bands in the world
Top Four Amazing Different Types of Bands in the world

Jazz Band:

Jazz band is the type that is used for playing jazz music or in schools as an extra-curricular activity. A Jazz band can be a small group or a large group and it mostly included the band playing Jazz music. The instruments that get played in Jazz band are piano, drums, trumpet, trombone, sax, guitar and bass.

Top Four Amazing  Different  Types of Bands in the world
Top Four Amazing Different Types of Bands in the world

Therefore, these are the four major different types of bands in the world. With these bands, if you would like to know what are the top 5 best musicians in the world ever or top 5 types of music genres then head over to the next articles.

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The Top Four Best Rock Band In The World!

Rock bands have their own identity and auro around the world. They release good music and with that, they also influence the public with fashion, cultural norms, issues and human behaviour. Rock music always boosts up your energy level into a hyped-up version. Concerts and big events with rock music in the background always gives a level of enjoyment to people. It is like these pieces of music are made to bring energy levels to a certain degree and so if you want to know what are the top four best rock band in the world then keep on reading.

The Top Four Best Rock Band In The World
The Top Four Best Rock Band In The World

The Beatles:

The Beatles are a phenomenon and a great level of inspiration to those who are into bands or even those who love to listen to their music. The Beatles were an English rock band which was formed in Liverpool. With the line up of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, they are regarded as the most influential band of all time.

Led Zeppelin:

Led Zeppelin was an English Rock band that was formed in London. The band had members that were Robert Plant9(vocalist), Jimmy Page(guitarist), John Paul Jones(on bass and keyboard) and John Bonham(on drums). Led Zeppelin was one of the most successful and innovative bands in the world.


Queen band is one of the best rock band in the world that people are a fan of. Their original line up consisted of Freddie Mercury (lead vocals and piano), Brian May (vocals and lead guitar), Roger Taylor(vocals and drums) and John Deacon(bass guitar). One of the songs of Queen band is Bohemian Rapsody which people still listens with equal delight.

Pink Floyd:

Pink Floyd was a London based English rock band that gained recognition with their wonderful music. The lineup included Syd Barrett ( lead vocals and guitar), Nick Mason (on drums), Roger Waters (vocals and bass), and Richard Wright (vocals and keyboards). Pink Floyd is one of the most commercially successful bands in the world.

The Top Four Best Rock Band In The World
The Top Four Best Rock Band In The World

Therefore, now that you know what are the top four rock band in the world then go ahead and pass on the knowledge to your friends and families as well. With these rock bands, if you would like to know what are the top 6 popular bands in the world or top 4 best rappers of all time, then head over to the next articles.

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Top 6 Most Popular Bands In The World !

Music bands have always been everyone’s favourite. Whether you’re a fan of pop genre, heavy metal, rock, hard rock or even country, bands have an aura of getting every individual’s attention on the planet earth. It is like making a song to make the world united with its deep messages, even if you speak their language or not. One good example for this is the hype of k-pops, like we don’t even know the language but somehow gets connected with their songs.
So, from legendary bands like The Beatles and Queens to newer bands like Maroon 5 and Coldplay, let’s see what are on the top list of the top 6 most popular bands in the world.

The Beatles:

The Beatles is one of the oldest and the top bands in the world that were formed in the year 1960 in Liverpool. The amazing members of this band were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. They were brilliant when it came to experimenting with different sort of genres like pop ballads, Indian music, psychedelia, hard rock and even including elements of the classical mixture in new forms.


Well, if you haven’t heard of the song Bohemian Rhapsody, then go ahead and first listen to it cause this is about the top bands in the world named Queen. Formed in 1970, The Band consisted of 4 members named Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. These members were not only good with their specific skills but they were also good with songwritings as each member of the band wrote one hit song for the band. Hence, we can say that Queen is not only the top 6 most popular bands in the world but top musicians in the world that has given us some of the greatest and iconic songs of all time.


Buckle up your excitement everyone because this is about Metallica, the very famous and one of the top 6 bands in the world that has never failed to give their fans the time of their moment. Formed in the year 1981, the band’s original lineup consisted of James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine and Ron McGovney that created songs in the genre of heavy thrash metal. The band came into mainstream media after their Self Titled album and the hit single called “Enter Sandman”.

Led Zeppelin:

Every new beginner guitarist that has ever picked up their guitar must have gone through the phase of “I want to learn the Stairway to Heaven intro riff right here and right now”. It’s like you have to and want to learn it because of the fact that it’s so amazing to listen to. Whenever you listen to any of thier songs you just get lost in their songs and the amazing riffs that they produce is truly heaven on earth.
So, formed in the year 1968, this band consisted of members named Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham. They were the The band’s genre was filled with hard rock, heavy metal, blues rock and folk rock. So, if haven’t checked them out then you should totally do it because they are one of the most successful, innovative and influential rock groups in the history.

Green Day:

One thing cool about this band is the fact of Billie Joe Armstrong calling their fans out from the crowd to perform with them. It doesn’t happen all the time, but yes, if you’re fortunate enough, you might will get a chance of playing with them, but hey it only happens to the fans who knows how to play instruments.
So, now that you know the cool stuff, let’s dig into the historical details of the band:
The band was formed in the year 1987 and gained immense popularity among fans. The members of the band include Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tré Cool and Jason White. The genre of their songs is consistent to pop punk, punk rock and alternative rock band.

Linkin Park:

Linkin park is that band that created music to be loved by everyone. Formed in the year 1996, the current lineup includes Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Dave Farrell, Joe Hahn and Rob Bourdon. The Former members included Kyle Christner and late Chester Bennington. Their one song “In The End” is considered to be one of the best rock songs of this generation.

So, now that you know the top 6 most popular bands in the world, then what are you waiting for search it up and binge listen to the songs. Pretty sure there will be one song that you will not stop listening to.

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Top 4 Best Rappers Of All Time!

Each rappers have their own way and technique of spitting fire. There is no other genre where people straight up spit pure fires and outdo a competition. It is where you don’t have to care about your feelings because when you do, you won’t be able to burn up the other person in front of you in a rap battle. The bars, the tempo, the tone, the storytelling ability, creativity, each and everything matters over here. If you’re a person who can tell a story through your writing or wants to be a future rapper then pick up your dictionary and write some stuff about to literally blow up the whole room.
After you’re done with that then come back here to get some knowledge about creation, difference and uniqueness through these OGs of the rap industry. Therefore, let’s dive into the list of the best rappers of all time.

Dr. Dre:

You must be living under a rock if you tell me that you haven’t heard his classics like 2001 and The Chronic album. Where The Chronic brought the G-funk to the mainstream media, 2001 was purely put out in order to shut the media that were saying that he doesn’t have that ability anymore.
Andre Romelle Young, or better known as Dr. Dre, is an American rapper, record producer and an entrepreneur who is the current CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics. He is the man that has given a shine to the other rap artists in the industry, if it wasn’t for him, then you wouldn’t be able to know some of the mainstream rap artists. So, thus he’s on the top of the list of the best rappers in the world.


He is the legend in the rap industry and the fact that Eminem getting influenced by Tupac talks a lot about why he is above in the list of best rappers in the world. Being the best songwriter and one of the best selling music artists, Tupac was able to make you connect with his music. You get instant tear, instant aggression when you hear his music, his music dealt with contemporary social issues and stuff that plagued inner cities.

The Notorious B.I.G:

Christopher George Latore Wallace, better known as The Notorious B.I.G was an American rapper that reached RIAA diamond certification, sold 17 million units worldwide with 4 released albums. The flow and the rhythm with which he used to rap always gave a clear understanding of the story he was talking about. Known for telling stories, he is legit the OG of the rap industry that has got everything the rapper could desire of. From awesome rhymes and lyrics to style and flow, you have a whole package which is not limited to entertainment but a display of an astonishing talent.


The person who literally blew up the empire state building with his mind blowing performance and who stunned all of the other rappers in the industry with his newest album kamikaze simply says why he is on the list of best rappers in the world. He has the flow, the style, creativity and capability of rhyming anything and everything even orange in his rap songs. Not only that, but he is also a free styling beast like you give him any beat and he can legitimately freestyle on it and if you haven’t watched his movie 8 mile then seriously go ahead and watch it because it will be worth your time for sure.

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Top 5 Types Of Music Genres!

In the world where we all are blessed with songs and artists that help us feel great about ourselves there are music genres that fully creates a differentiation in songs. Like if you’re in a party, you wouldn’t want a soothing country music to play, at that time you want something energetic that can legitimately make you get from the seat and vice versa when you’re on your road trip, you wouldn’t want a loud Edm playing in the background, you would want something soothing. Thus in situation like this, it is the type of music that comes as a rescue and helps us in figuring out which song to choose from which time of the day.
So, in order to understand the types of music genres let’s dive into the rest of the article.

Electronic Dance Music:

⦁ This form of music usually gets produced by DJs in clubs, rave and festivals.
⦁ In order to make this kind of music the DJs add up various tones to a single piece to create a hyped up music.
⦁ The song is usually good for dancing and usually known as EDM or simply dance music.
⦁ In the early 20s, EDM was known in the form of Jamaican dub music, he disco music of Giorgio Moroder, the Yellow Magic Orchestra, the electronic music of Kraftwerk and many more.

Pop Music:

⦁ This is now the mainstream genre that almost everyone likes in hearing.
⦁ The instruments highly uses the synthesizer drums, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, even bass.
⦁ Pop music borrows elements from other forms like urban, country, rock, Latin.
⦁ If you want to listen to this genre then you can listen to singers like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and the king of pop Michael Jackson.

Country Music:

⦁ Originated in the year 1920s in the Southern United States.
⦁ It takes up its root from American folk music and blues.
⦁ The instruments usually consist of electric or acoustic guitars, drums, mouth organ or mandolin.
⦁ The songs are usually light and very pleasing to hear, especially good for road trips.

Rock Music:

⦁ Originated in the early 1950s as Rock & Roll in the United States.
⦁ This genre uses string instruments, drums, keyboards.
⦁ The music is loud and has strong beats and strong vocal range.
⦁ Some famous rock bands that have popularized the genre of rock music include Little Richard, Metallica, Nirvana, Megadeth, Pink Floyd,Bill Haley and Chuck Berry.

Rhythm and Blues:

⦁ It was originated in the 1940s.
⦁ Commonly known as R&B, it is a form of music that has a combination of other style like funk, dance, pop in the music.
⦁ The use of instruments in this form are drums, bass guitar, keyboards, electric guitar and horns.
⦁ Singers like the legendary Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Mariah Carey and Usher all contributed to this form of music in their earlier times.

So, now that you know the different types of music genres and what are on top list, then go ahead and download a bunch of songs. Listen to it whenever you feel in that type of mood.

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Top 5 Best Musicians In The World Ever!

When you listen to your favourite song you create an imaginary story in your head. This imaginary story that you create travel places, enjoys walking on the beach, sings song in the concert and create music.
There is something about music in general that makes you want to get lost in it. It is that integral part of our life that we would never want to leave and thanks to all the composers, singers, music directors, songwriters, musicians that come together to create such impressive and amazing masterpieces. Whether they are the best musician in the world or best lyricist, one thing that we know is that they are the true angels of the music industry.

But before going any further, you should know that these are the list of musicians that we think is at the top position of the list of musicians. Everyone has different taste in music and different genres that they like so what we feel is the best need not be your best. Hence, if you’re interested in knowing about our list of the best musician in the world and what are their most famous albums then keep on reading.

The Beatles:

From all the list of musicians in the world, The Beatles has hit the number one position of the top 5 musicians in the world. This English rock band consisting of four members named John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison created music without being afraid of experimenting with various genres. They included pop ballads, Indian music, psychedelia, hard rocks and even classical mixture with a hint of innovation in the music industry. The prestigious awards like 7 Grammy Awards, 15 Ivor Novello Awards, an Academy Award for The Best Original Song Score plays a major role in telling why they are on the top list of best musician in the world. Their most famous albums include Rubber Soul, Abbey Road, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson is not only the best musician in the world but a whole package when it comes to entertaining his audience. He was a singer, dancer, songwriter and one of the best selling music artists of all time whose estimated sales is over 350 million records worldwide. He was the man that experimented with different sorts of genres like pop, soul, funk, rhythm and blues, disco, post-disco, dance pop, new jack swing, rock and stunned the whole world with his dance routines.
His most successful albums that also reached the number one position in the Us Charts were Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and History.

Bob Marley:

From all the list of musicians in the world, Bob Marley is the one that still holds a place of the pure cultural icon of the island countries and the African diaspora in the world. The one thing that separates him from the rest and that makes him one of the best musician in the world is the fact that he created music that were inspired by the people. Not only that but his contributions to the music industry made the Jamaican music heard across the globe thereby making him a global figure in the popular culture for years and years.

Bob Dylan:

Bob Dylan is an American singer, songwriter and visual artist that has given the world one of the finest songs of all time. He is a singer that sang about racial discrimination, poverty and many of the important issues. His genre of music includes Folk, blues, country, gospel and pop standards. His most successful albums are The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan and The Times They Are a-Changin’.


Formed in 1970, Queen consisted of four members named Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. Being a rock band they created music that was new and had a meaning. Their earlier works were influenced by the heavy metal, hard rock and progressive rock but eventually after some time they got into more standard and radio friendly works like pop rock and arena rock. Their most famous albums include A Night At The Opera, News Of The World, The Game and A Day At The Races.

Therefore, these are the top 5 musicians in the world that have not only changed the world of music industry but have also blessed us with so many legendary songs. It is for them that we still have throwback songs that we can play on to with the same feeling even today.

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